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Origin: USA Profile: Adventurous 35-65 and singles
Passenger Mix: International Children: Unsuitable

Quark Expeditions is one of the leading operators of expedition cruises, especially in polar regions offering adventurous journeys in reasonable comfort on powerful, Russian polar icebreakers.  They have many firsts to their name including the 1st North Pole voyage, the 1st Circumnavigation of Antarctica, the 1st Northeast Passage. All cruises are accompanied by a dedicated and experienced staff of expedition leaders, naturalists and lecturers.

The fleet comprises powerful, Russian polar icebreakers with a Russian Captain, officers and crew who are considered to be the world's leaders in icebreaker operations. All are experienced in navigation under severe conditions in the Polar Regions. Click the picture or ship name to get more details about the ship and its calendar of cruises.

Hans Hansson
Size: Very Small
145 tonnes
Rating: Standard
Built: 1960
Island Sky
Size: Very Small
4280 tonnes
Rating: Superior
Built: 1992
Ocean Diamond
Size: Very Small
8282 tonnes
Rating: Standard
Built: 1986
Ocean Endeavour
Size: Very Small
12907 tonnes
Rating: Premier
Built: 1981
Sea Adventurer
Size: Very Small
5750 tonnes
Rating: Budget
Built: 1975


Falklands Islands Circumnavigation
02 December 2017
From 6538 cruise only
for 15 nights

Antarctic Explorer
03 December 2017
From 5688 cruise only
for 12 nights

Antarctic Explorer
07 December 2017
From 4612 cruise only
for 13 nights

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent
10 December 2017
From 4304 cruise only
for 11 nights

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake
10 December 2017
From 11150 cruise only
for 9 nights

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake
14 December 2017
From 7304 cruise only
for 9 nights
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